Dance Visual Arts Skating Awareness Training Wiseman Technique
Training and Studies

1947 - 1949 Daily art training, Queenston Country School, Unity Saskatchewan
Teacher Helen Barr, graduate Ontario College of Art
1955 - 1957 Ontario College of Art, Toronto
Teachers Eric Freifeld & Dr. Wiseman (life drawing)
1981 Learned mould-making and casting with Jack Harman, Harman Sculpting Foundry, Vancouver BC
1991-1993 Attended "Life Drawing" (500 hours) at Basic Inquiry Studio, Vancouver
Teacher Russel Bateman, graduate of Emily Carr college of Art, Vancouver
Attended portrait and figure painting in watercolour course
Teacher Michael Britton, graduate American Academy of Art, New York

Visual Arts - Professional Experience

1970-1973 Designed and executed sets and costumes for ballet companies internationally.
Also completed drawings and a few easel paintings.
1973 Painted several self-portraits, each one the beginning of a new development.
1973-1980 Completed a number of paintings, drawings and sculptures in bronze.
1980-1981 Artist in Residence at Westminster Abbey, Mission BC
1980-1993 10 one-man shows of drawings, paintings and sculptures in the Vancouver area including: Pitt International Galleries, Brackendale Gallery, Queen Elizabeth Theatre Gallery, Bute Street Gallery, Marion Scott Gallery
1991 Created "Dancer", a 1/3 life size bronze sculpture of a male dancer (autobiographical)
1993 Created "Galina Samsova", a 1/3 life-size bronze sculpture of a world-famous Russian ballerina from Kiev
1993 Vancouver unveiling of "Dancer" and "Galina Samsova" took place at the Marion Scott Gallery, October 7 1993
1994 The St. Petersburg State Museum of Theatrical and Musical Arts, Russia, acquired both "Dancer" and "Galina Samsova" for their permanent collection at an unveiling attended by Padam, June 23
1995 Ballet BC Summer Soiree, June 22 1995, retrospective exhibition - unveiling of Rudolf Nureyev sculpture in clay.
1995 Preview of bronze bust of Rudolf Nureyev, December 17 1995
1996 Worked on maquette for "Rudolf Nureyev", 1/3 life size
1997 Created "Rudolf Nureyev", a 1/3 life-size bronze sculpture
1997 Padam completed several portrait studies of friend Rod Mackie for the Apollo bronze bust, completed in 1999.
1998 Vancouver unveiling hosted by the Vancouver Ballet Society of Padam's 2 Rudolf Nureyev bronzes, March 17 1998
1998 Padam's 2 Rudolf Nureyev bronzes were installed permanently in the St. Petersburg State Museum of Theatrical and Musical Arts, Russia, June 19 1998
1999 Padam completed the 4/3 life size bronze bust of Apollo, modelled by friend Rod Mackie
2000 Padam wins Benedictine 2000 competition
2000 Padam celebrated his 65th birthday on February 25 at the Vancouver Maritime Museum at which time he presented the supporting art work for the Benedictine 2000 competition and unveiled the Rod Mackie/Study for Apollo sculpture with supporting drawings.
Over 150 people attended . Benedictine catered the liqueur for the occasion.