Canadian artist wins world wide internet design competition
competition winner

with the Benedictine 700ml.
embossed metal gift box
which incorporates his
award winning artwork

Padam with two Benedictine collectors gift boxes
Photo by John Leighton
The makers of Benedictine have traditionally sponsored an annual design competition. In the year 2000, the competition was held exclusively on the global internet. Padam, with a team of assistants prepared a work that he had created 17 years prior, after his experience as 'artist in residence' at the Benedictine monastery in Mission B.C., Canada. His artwork was submitted to the jury by e-mail with the caption "A HEAD OF ITS TIME" and they loved it. Padam won a cash prize with a trip to Paris and Fecamp, France, where the Benedictine Palace is situated. The gift boxes he is pictured with above, bear the following tribute:
" Padam, an eclectic canadian artist, dancer, painter and sculptor, created this particularly contemporary scene that illustrates the entry of Benedictine into the 3rd millennium. The tonality of the rainbow present in his work evokes all the subtlety of the unique taste of Benedictine. Padam, lives and works in Vancouver Canada ~ A HEAD OF ITS TIME "

This Benedictine gift box will be available in Liquor outlets all over the world for the year 2001.