Dance International
magazine -Spring 1998

Dance Notes Section
page 19

Veronica Tennant, Padam, Sandra MacDonald and Margie Gillis

Photo by Francis Cheng

Padam's sculptures of Rudolf Nureyev were recently unveiled by the Vancouver Ballet Society, and will be installed in the St.Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music in June. The four bronze sculptures, two of which were installed in Russia in 1994, and four oil pastel portraits of Rudolf Nureyev were displayed. Guests Veronica Tennant and Margie Gillis were in attendance.

Padam (Morley Wiseman), a former dancer who studied at the Royal Ballet School in London, combines a knowledge of the human body and movment in his sculptures of dancers. A video featuring his 1994 trip to Russia with patron Lorne Balshine, was also viewed at the art showing.