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Awareness Training

  • Lena Wiseman
    "My mother taught me to knit with both hands - to be ambidextrous. The reason given was - it's good for you."

  • Moishe Feldenkrais
    1972 - Attended Awareness Through Movement Workshops. "Through Dr. Feldenkrais, I became acquainted with and influenced by movement notation. I could now talk and write about movement. This enabled me to notate my own awareness training technique, "Wiseman Technique" which developed out of my dance background-an existential physicists point of view."

  • Benedictine Spirituality
    1980 - 1981 - 2 year resident artist in Westminster Abbey, Mission B.C. as assistant to Father Dunstan Massey on the high relief sculpture project.

  • Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh (Osho) - Spiritual Master
    1985 - Took Sanyas November 9th and was given the name Swami Deva Padam

  • Anthony Robbins - "Unlimited Power"

  • Werner Erhart - Participated in the Forum, Relationships Workshop, IFLP Training

Wiseman Technique

Let gravity do the work - article by Renee Doruyter, The Province Lifestyles, 1980
"We take advantage of the fact that every voluntary movement of the body can be reversed," Wiseman says "The muscle contracts or relaxes, and both produce movement. One is active, working against gravity; the other is passive... There is also resultant movement, the shift in the passive part of the body when making an active movement. By eliminating any blockage of energy, and all stress and strain, the body becomes more efficient. ...I look at what I do as the physical part of meditation."

Wiseman's technique now on ice - article by Gordon McIntyre, The Province Sports, December 11, 1998
Padam Wiseman trained and toured with the National, Royal Winnipeg and Royal ballets. He has a technique named after him for training figure skaters and ballet dancers, the Wiseman technique. A sculptor, he was commissioned to make 2 bronze statues of Rudolph Nureyev, (1 - 2) in St. Petersburg - two of four in the likeness of the great Russian ballet star that grace the beautiful baroque capital of the Czars. But the biggest kick the 62 year old West Ender gets these days is lacing on his figure skates. "I wandered by the West End Community Centre like so many people do and saw something I liked," said Wiseman, a native of Unity Sask. "I skate every day now." It's a long road from the Saskatchewan town to the West End, through tours of Russia with the ballet to teaching dance to sculpting. "I had a Russian mother and she encouraged me to dance as a kid," he said. "And then I found out dancing existed as a profession and that was all I needed."

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