These two costumes are paraliturgical robes, designed and executed by Wiseman in 1982.
They were worn by members of the Wiseman Choreographic Community (WCC).


costumes, Photos by Francis Cheng

"I was fresh out of the monastery, and I had already attracted 2 or 3 male students around me. They were interested and constantly asking me to show them what the lifestyle was like in the monastery. I told them many stories about it, and told them 'If I was doing it, I would do it slightly differently. ' They asked me 'How would you do it?" I said, 'Well, let's do it'. In the east, monasteries formed around some meditation technique usually, be it Tai Chi or some martial art - that would be the meditation technique of that particular monastery. These students were already involved in my meditation technique, and wanting to continue that as a group. Each student was encouraged to find and bring other techniques to the community. It was through that open policy that we discovered Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. All the neighbours thought we were the latest cult, we had costumes and everything else. It all took place in a little church in Dunbar which was converted into a studio and living space."