A series of ink drawings, a painting, a bas relief, and a full-length life-size figure were all completed by Wiseman to celebrate Bhagwan Shri-Rajneesh and Wiseman's Sanyas, at which time he was given the name Swami Deva Padam by his spiritual master, Bhagwan Shri-Rajneesh (later known as Osho). Padam was assisted in the life-size sculpture project in 1986 by a friend, Swami Anand Suvan (Jonathan Sheppard).

H 56 X W 40 cm
Ink on Paper, 1983
Artist's Collection

H 42 X 30 X 20 cm
Epoxy Casting, 1983
Artist's Collection
Photos Francis Cheng

H 60 X 75 cm
Oil on Canvas, 1985
Lorne Balshine Colletion