B.C. artist wins
$15,000 from
liqueur maker


VANCOUVER • An eclectic Vancouver artist know as Padam has won $15,000 by creating a distinctly spiritual new face for a famous 500-year-old French liqueur, Benedictine.
   Padam's multiple images of the hooded head of St. Benedict, the founder of the religious order after whom the liqueur is named, was chosen as the best of 250 submissions in a global logo-design contest sponsored by Benedictine, whose recipe was concocted by a monk during the Renaissance.
   “ The people at Benedictine's wanted their image of the new millennium to pertain to St. Benedict and refer to the agelessness of the Benedictine order. A lot of the other entries didn't really do that — so that might be why I won,” said Padam, whose given name is Morley Wiseman.
   “ It was a great 2000 surprise when I was told on New Year's Day that I'd won this. It's nice to be appreciated with a monetary award,” said Padam, a former dancer with the National Ballet of Canada and who now paints ,sculpts and teaches.
   The 64-year-old Padam came to create the new logo for Benedictine, one of the most expensive liqueurs in the world, after a convoluted artistic and personal religious journey.
   He was raised a Roman Catholic in Saskatchewan and spent two years in the early 1980's as artist-in-residence at a Benedictine-run monastery in Mission, B.C. He is now a spiritual teacher within the movement begun by Rajneesh, but he doesn't see any contradiction between his so-called New Age beliefs and his admiration for the early Christian leader.

The Vancouver Sun




Padam's image of St. Benedict won a global logo-design contest sponsored by Benedictine liqueur.