Ruby Lake

71cm X 53.5cm - Photos by Suvan
J.Sheppard/Suvan Collection

In 1989, during the Easter spring break, Suvan took Padam to Ruby Lake in B.C., to show him the cabin he had built when he was in his late teens - there they were several years later, celebrating with resident, Bruce Hillhouse, around a huge fire that the guys were feeding with dead branches combed from the forested mountain side. Padam made a large sketch of the site which surfaced years later as a 40th birthday gift for Suvan who immediately said, “Great, lets do it in stained glass”! Fabricating stained glass is one of Suvan’s many skills.

Padam developed his sketch creating an elaborate cartoon over which Suvan then built the stained glass panel.

Ruby Lake was completed in 2002, which later developed into the ‘Lintels’ design for a row of 4 windows above the main windows in Padam’s suite in PAL Vancouver. Padam continued with the same 12 color palette with 4 values for each color, a total of 48 colors that he used for his stained glass triptych, Ganymede and again when he and Suvan completed several of Jody’s designs that use dancers as the motif.

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