71cm X 140cm 75cm X 87cm 71cm X 140cm

J.Sheppard/Suvan Collection
Etching by Angel Etchings
Fabrication by J.Sheppard/Suvan
Photos by Padam

In 2002, Padam met the poet Garry Thomas Morse. Wishing to sketch his countenance for a new project, Padam at first suggested Ganymede as a theme. Garry countered traditional Apollonian cupbearing notions with a West Coast adaptation of the bird Poesy and suggested that a raven be depicted feeding upon the poet's mind. Padam responded with a sketch of Garry's idea which he developed into a working rendering that finalized as a stained glass triptych, completed in 2004.

Garry also featured a highly amusing caricature of Padam in his novella Death in Vancouver.

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