"Faune" was completed by Padam in 1987, but had its roots far earlier, during his term at Ballet Horizons (1970). The concept for this painting began as a set and costume design for his version of the ballet set to Debussy's "L'après-midi d'une faune". The lead dancers in this production were Lisa Bell and Bryant McGiveron.
"The reason so many people find this subject interesting is because it deals with univerals. The subject here is first awareness of male sexuality - in other words, it's about puberty. Of course, this is addressed through dance by simply having one guy and several girls. He doesn't know that he's any different from the others. Eventually, he turns out to be a guy and not one of the girls. At the end of the ballet, the male has his first orgasm."

"The original drawing was done with Pelican inks. These inks fade to nothing, so I had slides made, which were the source of paintings that followed ten years later. I started with oils, but decided that working with oils and thinners was too toxic, so this painting was done with acrylics."

122 x 122 cm, Acrylic on Tempered Masonite
Lorne Balshine Collection, Photo by Francis Cheng