In 1983, Wiseman brought his knowledge of and passion for dance to his painting. This is a series of oil paintings on board depicting Wiseman in the role of the Blue Skater in "Les Patineurs". The first depicts an Arabesque En Plié. Next are detailed head and eyes of the first figure. Finally, the series ends in a Sauté à la Seconde.

"My interest in Les Patineurs began when I started training at the Royal Ballet School. The role clearly suited me, and I was fortunate enough to have private coaching from the 'original' Blue Skater, Harold Turner. Harold was our daily teacher for the advanced men's class, and any time I had a break, he would nab me and we would have a private lesson on the Blue Skater, which he said that I would do some day, somewhere. I really prepared for that. I also trained with Mr. Wills, the top acrobatic teacher in New York, for the Butterflies, which were essential to this role as you have to do twelve of them. It's just not Blue Skater without them. I did perform the role with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, to critical acclaim." -Padam-
Oil on Board Oil on Board
50 x 52 cm, Oil on Board
Paintings: Artist's Collection
Oil on Board
Photos by Francis Cheng
A review in the Miami Beach Herald stated: "Diminutive Morley Wiseman with his electrifying turns brought down the house last night in a blizzard of applause."